All the latest from SHOWEIKH INTERNATIONAL / Project:

3rd Sept 2022

New Frequencies

New frequencies for Hotbird-13E:

Hotbird-13E 12475H

Hotbird-13E 10949V

Hotbird-13E 11258H

Hotbird-13E 12380V

Hotbird-13E 11075V

Hotbird-13E 12303V

1st Sept 2022

New Frequencies

We are pleased to inform you that we have added new frequencies for Astra 28E, Eutelsat 16E Badr 26E and Astra 19E:


Astra-19E 12551V

Astra-28E 11597V

Astra-28E 12226H

Eutelsat-16E 10762H

Eutelsat-16E 10803H

Eutelsat-16E 10845H

Eutelsat-16E 10886H

Badr4-26E 12034H

Badr6-26E 11747V

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