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20th Oct 2022

New Frequencies

New frequencies for Turksat-42E: Turksat-42E 11767V Turksat-42E 11794V Turksat-42E 11958V Turksat-42E 11999V Turksat-42E 12015H Turksat-42E 12054H Turksat-42E 12103H Turksat-42E 12209H Turksat-42E 12245H Turksat-42E 12265V Turksat-42E 12310V Turksat-42E 12329H Turksat-42E 12344V Turksat-42E 12356H Turksat-42E 12379H Turksat-42E ...

3rd Sept 2022

New Frequencies

New frequencies for Hotbird-13E:

Hotbird-13E 12475H

Hotbird-13E 10949V

Hotbird-13E 11258H

Hotbird-13E 12380V

Hotbird-13E 11075V

Hotbird-13E 12303V

1st Sept 2022

New Frequencies

We are pleased to inform you that we have added new frequencies for Astra 28E, Eutelsat 16E Badr 26E and Astra 19E:


Astra-19E 12551V

Astra-28E 11597V

Astra-28E 12226H

Eutelsat-16E 10762H

Eutelsat-16E 10803H

Eutelsat-16E 10845H

Eutelsat-16E 10886H

Badr4-26E 12034H

Badr6-26E 11747V

18th Aug 2022

Signal Feeds

Please activate only the exact number of vTuners you have paid for. Even if technically more adapters can be activated, you will exceed the bandwidth limit and we can no longer guarantee stability.

You will definitely have problems with the signals. In the future we will change this to fixed connection limits.

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