Eutelsat-9E online now

Finally we got it for you. New and exclusive only with us. Eutelsat 9E with the Italy Multistream (MIS) frequencies online: Eutelsat-9E 12111V Stream 1 Eutelsat-9E 12111V Stream 3 Eutelsat-9E 12111V Stream 4 Eutelsat-9E 12149V Stream 1 Eutelsat-9E 12149V Stream 2 Eutelsat-9E 12188V Stream 14 Eutelsat-9E 12188V Stream 17 Eutelsat-9E 12341V ... Read More »

15th Feb 2023
New Frequencies

New frequencies for Turksat-42E:

Turksat-42E 11837V

Turksat-42E 11853H

Turksat-42E 11880H

Turksat-42E 11883V

Turksat-42E 11916V

Turksat-42E 12083H

Turksat-42E 12095H

Turksat-42E 12422V

Turksat-42E 12213V

Turksat-42E 12228V

Turksat-42E 12298V

21st Jan 2023
TVHeadend available now

Additionally to Cesbo Astra we also provide the open source software TVHeadend in our satellite and cable servers now.

3rd Dec 2022
New Frequencies

New frequencies for Astra-28E and Hotbird-13E:

Astra-28E 11494H

Astra-28E 11608H

Hotbird-13E 11054H

Hotbird-13E 11373H

Hotbird-13E 12520V

9th Nov 2022
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